Housing Guide – Official Housing Programs

Author: Housing Editors

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This Housing Guide will help you find government grant programs covering a variety of housing needs. HUD is the main source of funding for housing grants and programs. Most loans and grants are indirect which means the government does not directly give you the money, but provide programs that help you save a lot of money to achieve your housing goals.

Homeowners Programs

There are so many programs to help homeowners. For home improvements and repairs, mortgage refinancing, energy efficiency programs, and specific programs only for rural homeowners.

Homebuyers Programs

Home buyers face many programs helping them acquire a first home. Programs range from lower interest mortgages, help to cover free or down payment. There is also mortgage insurance for home buyers who are on the lower limits for approvals.

Renters Programs

Renters can benefits from so many programs to help find affordable rent, to lower its cost and also save on their energy bills. There’s even programs helping you use funding¬† to buy a first home instead of renting.