About MyFinancialPrograms

As American, we spend about 40% of our budget on financial services.

That’s a lot. And too much.

Those services a one of the most complicated things to evaluate and find savings. Lets be honest, most finance sites only review financial companies they can make money with. We’re changing this.

Our mission

“Help Americans from all walk of life find and save money on their financial services.”

Why? Because you can do many & better things with those savings: pay debt, invest, travel, fix your home, buy one (!), build a rainy day fund. Whatever you want, whatever are your personal goals.

How we do this?

  • We crawl thousands of financial sites for rates and prices.
  • We ask our community to share the rates, quotes and prices they receive.
  • We then analyse those prices and rates throughout the country, sometimes to the city or town level, sometimes to your zip code level.

It’s a lot of data and we love it, because it helps you.

So what do you have to do?

It’s quite simple. First of all our service if 100% free.

You create a free account, you share your zip code, a name and email, and how much you pay for your financial services. When we find saving you’re alerted by email and in your account.

You can act on it, or not: the choice is 100% yours.

Btw, we don’t need, or want your Social Security, address or any other personal information: we can’t snoop in your credit history like too many competitors (we could but won’t name names).

Our online content

From the early beginning more than 10 years ago we created free resources we were sending by email to our community when they needed it. The feedback was so positive; you were asking us to put it online so more people benefit.

Being a small team with limited time and resources we’re gradually put these useful resources online for everyone’s benefit. And we’re slowly adding more.

It’s important to note we only use official resources and we’re always linking to the sources.

How we make revenues

We make our revenues from partnerships and marketing with financial companies:

  • Some financial service companies pay us per lead, per click, or with a fixed budget.
  • We have some advertising on the content and articles.

The important, and contrarily to other sites: we don’t promote only partner. If a partner can’t bring savings we don’t promote it and if we don’t have a contractual agreement with a company who can bring savings we’ll promote it even if we don’t make money.

The important is our community find & get savings. That’s how we grew 2x almost every year from word of mouth.

The team

We’re a small (surprisingly small) team all remote of online marketers who love data, serving our clients and our community, plus a few developers.

Being a small team means we wear many hats: marketers, account executives, content writers/reviewers, data analysts, etc.

You can send us comments or idea about new programs by using the contact form.