Our team include marketers, software developers, analyst and writers.


We all wear different hats: marketers sometime write, writers often revise other documents. You get the idea. We like doing different things. Plus supporting each others help everyone do their best.


We also regularly work with other experts to revise work: content, code, analysis and provide general feedback.


Development Team


Deepak Patil: Software Engineer

Pushkar Murkute: Software Engineer

Vaibhav Panmand: System Administrator


Marketing Team


Martin Hudon: Marketing Manager Mortgages

Peter Miller: Marketing Manager Loans 

Stephanie Connors: Marketing Manager Insurances


Analyst Team


Martin HudonVaibhav Panmand, Peter Miller


Editors Team


Housing Editors: Martin Hudon, Peter Miller,   contributors (W. Valdes, B. Haire) 

Finance Editors: Stephanie Connors, Martin Hudon, Jacinthe Mondou