5 California Window Replacement: Programs & Grants

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There are 5 California window replacement programs & grants, plus 60 resources. You can find them below, along with their description, how the programs work and where to get more information and apply in 2024.


Updated:  May 16, 2024


California homeowners need to replace windows for many reasons: broken window, windows at the end of their life span, upgrading aesthetics or energy efficiency.  But homeowners often have difficulty paying new windows.


The fact is windows are expensive in California. The Homeowners Major Repairs Survey shows many Californians struggle to find money to pay for new window(s):

  • > 33% of California homeowners planning repairs want to change window(s) in the next 3 years.
  • > 23% of California homeowners who want to replace window(s) have to postpone.
  • > 59% postpone changing window(s) for financial reason.

This means you’re not alone maybe wondering how to pay new window(s).


The good news; there are government programs in California helping homeowners replace windows.


>  Windows Issues in California

> California Programs

> Eligibility Overview


> Weatherization Assistance Program

> Rural residents


> Taxes  Incentives: Windows Credits

> FAQ: Windows Replacement


Common home windows issues in California


California’s climate varies a lot among the state’s different regions. Weather affect windows differently in the north and in mountains compared to the south and its dryer areas.

  • Seal failure: Temperature swings in the north can cause seals on double-pane windows to break, allowing moisture in and fogging the window. These typically need replacing.
  • Warped frames: Heat and cool cycles can warp window frames, making them stick or impossible to open. Minor warping might be fixable, but severe cases require replacements.
  • Weatherstripping damage: Dry summers can crack window seals, letting in drafts. But weatherstripping is usually a cheap fix. However, if the window frame itself is damaged, a replacement might be needed.
  • Broken panes: Extreme event, like an earthquake, fires, debris or strong winds can break a window panes. Small cracks might be repairable, but larger ones require replacements.
  • Outdated windows: Older, inefficient windows on older homes can lead to high energy bills. Replacing them with energy-efficient options can save you money in the long run.

If you didn’t make your mind to replace a window yet, you can first see if the window(s) can be repaired since it’s often cheaper. If you are a little handy, can DIY: there are many good videos from This Old House.


If you’re already decided to purchase new windows, you first need to decide which model to choose and who will install your windows.


Next step: paying for your windows. When you have a limited budget or simply can’t afford them, government programs are useful. You can find them below.


Window replacement programs in California


There are a few official government programs available for window replacement. 


Each program provides funding their own ways, target different groups of homeowners and help you fund window replacement in various ways. It’s important to know, there’s no program only for window replacement. Each program usually allow you to update or repair many part of your home, including windows.


If you live in a county or city with a decent size population, your local housing department or community development probably provide funding for window repair and replacement for certain groups. Since each city/county have their own eligibility, you should contact them directly.


Window programs eligibility


Programs eligibility varies based on income and where you live but you can start with this simple table as reference: 

  Cities & Suburbs Rural
Low income HERO, WAPLIHEAP, Tax credits, cities & counties, State USDA, HEROTax Credits, WAP, LIHEAP, cities & counties, State

Medium/High income

HEROTax credits, Traditional loans, State. USDA, HEROTax credits, Traditional loans, State.

Important reminder: Programs such as Weatherization, LIHEAP, and city or county assistance programs determine eligibility based on the median income of your location. This means that even if you have a moderate income, you might qualify for these programs if you live in a wealthier area, which would otherwise be considered low-income programs.


California HERO (PACE) (1 program)


The HERO Program (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) help any homeowners to finance energy-efficient improvement, including windows replacement, by offering financing options that are repaid through property taxes. In California this program is not available in all county and cities. Verify with yours or your contractor to see if HERO is available.

Pace fixed rates: 6% to 12.99%
Credit Score: No minimum credit score and pre-payment penalties.
Time to decision: Immediate pre-approval.
Coverage: Offered in most California cities and counties.
Projects: Windows, Doors, Shutters, Roof, Gutters, Generators, Pool pumps, Garage doors, HVAC, Solar Panels, Water Heaters, Electric car chargers.

Eligibility: You must own your home. No bankruptcy. Not behind on your mortgage and property taxes.

HERO Eligibility


How the program’s steps work:

  1. 1- Pre-approval.
  2. 2- Select an approved contractor.
  3. 3- Contractor helps you determine your renovation cost.
  4. 4- Your approval to the programs. Also determines your repayments.
  5. 6- Renovation and installation.
  6. 7- A third party come to verify the work have been done.
  7. 8- Repayment start.



Weatherization Assistance – WAP (60 resources)


What is WAP?


WAP aims to reduce energy costs for homeowners, and one of the measures is window replacement for energy efficient windows. To learn more about eligibility or to apply for the California window replacement program, contact your local WAP organization (see below).


Who is WAP for?


The program target low-income families, including the elderly and disabled, by making their homes more energy-efficient.


What else WAP can do for your home?


It can help replace or fix the following:

  • – Air infiltration with weather stripping, caulking, thresholds, minor repairs to walls, ceilings and floors, and doors and windows replacement.
  • – Install attic and floor insulation
  • – Install attic ventilation
  • – Apply solar reflective coating to manufactured homes
  • – Install solar screens
  • – Repair or replace inefficient heating and cooling units
  • – Repair or replace water heaters

Find more details here.

Weatherization funding per home (average)
  Spent per Home Homes Weatherized Budget


8,519 $109M
Source: State of California

Where can I apply?


In California, WAP is managed locally by the counties, cities and also often by Community Action Partnership organizations. You find information about your county or city here, and you can find your local can find your local Community Action organization here.


California LIHEAP (1 program)


What’s LIHEAP?


The LIHEAP program (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) provides funding to help low-income households with energy-related bills. It can help California’s residents with heating bills in the winter and cooler bills in summer. It occasionally offers assistance for window replacements to improve energy efficiency which reduce energy bills.


Who is LIHEAP for?


LIHEAP provides funding to help low-income households with energy-related bills. It can help with heating bills in the winter and cooling bills in summer. It occasionally offers assistance for window replacements to improve energy efficiency, which reduces energy bills. Find your local LIHEAP organization below to check eligibility for the government window replacement program.


What are LIHEAP eligibility requirements?


There are only a few:

  • – 1 your household income (monthly and yearly) and number of people living there.
  • – Energy bill, Utility termination notice, Photo ID, Social security ID, etc.

More details and eligibility


Who is my local organization managing LIHEAP in California?


Find your closest organization here.



California Rural residents (1 program)


This USDA program provides loans and grants to very-low-income homeowners to repair, improve or modernize their homes or grants to elderly very-low-income homeowners to remove health and safety hazards. Window replacement are part of this program.


Contact your local USDA office for more details for the 2024 government window replacement program California.


How much money can I get?

  • – Maximum loan is $40,000
  • – Maximum grant is $10,000
  • – Loans and grants can be combined.

More details here


Contact your local USDA office


Windows Tax Credits (1 program)


The Federal Inflation Reduction Act gives Californian homeowners tax credits when you update part of your home for energy efficiency and windows are included in this tax credits.


What’s covered and what are the tax credits?


Homeowners can claim 30% of the cost associated with the follow renovations (windows replacement are included):

Windows and skylights: Credit max of $600
Exterior doors: Credit max of $500 ($250 per door)
Electric panel upgrades: Credit max of $600
Air source heat pumps: Credit max of $2,000
Heat pump water heaters: Credit max of $2,000
Central air conditioners: Credit max of $600
Insulation: Credit max of $1,200
Certified energy audit: Credit max of $150

Frequent Questions: Window Replacement Programs 


Is there a California window replacement program for seniors?


There’s no specific window replacement program for seniors only. Seniors can apply to all programs found on in this page.


What is the window replacement rebate in California?


Most utilities will offer you rebates when you change windows for energy efficient windows.


Southern California Edison



Pacific Power

Bear Valley Electric

Liberty Utilities


Call or visit your utility site to see if they offer rebates for window replacement.