Rural Housing

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Search for State Rural Housing Programs

Rural housing grants and loans support rural communities by stimulating economic development and providing housing assistance . Rural housing grants and loans can be used to help low-income and special needs groups as well as farmers and rural businesses.

Federal Rural Housing Programs        or

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Rural Housing Loan

It is a mix of both loans and grants provided by the federal government for rural low income homeowners. It is one the most popular housing programs.

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Housing Preservation Grants

Provides grants to qualifying individuals, families, agencies and organizations who need to make necessary repairs to their homes or to the homes of low to very low income families.

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USDA Home Loans

The USDA Mutual Self-Help Housing Loan Program is used to assist rural individuals and families with the construction of their own homes.

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Rural Development Loans

Individuals and Families living in rural areas can apply for a home property repair loan at a 1% interest rate made available through the Rural Development and Housing Agency.