Tricks to improve credit score

Improve Credit Score

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Be aware that improving your credit score is a long term effort. Even so, you can see improvements within 3 to 4 months. Here is some information on how to improve your credit score. Keep making efforts throughout the years!

– Always pay your debts on time! If you plan to not be able to pay on time, at least contact your creditors to let them know. Try to negotiate a payment arrangement with them and to keep a portion of the notations off your credit reports.Â

– Avoid opening multiple accounts at once in a short period of time, it reduces your score.

– Don’t max out your credit limits if you’ve had problems paying your debt in the past.

– Diversity in the type of credit you have (credit cards, car loan, mortgage) can help raise your score if you manage your debts correctly.

– Consolidate you credit card debts; having multiple credit cards makes it more difficult to improve your credit score. Transfer your balance to a single card, and make the payment all at one time.