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What is Prosper?
Prosper is an online peer to peer lending site that eliminates the need for a middle man such as a bank or financial institution. Investors contribute funds toward your loan and bid to find you the lowest interest rate.

What makes Prosper different?
You are in charge. You set the amount you want to borrow and the interest rate you would like to pay. The interest rate is fixed and will not change throughout the life of the loan even if you are late on payments. There is a fixed repayment schedule and you even have the option of having payments automatically withdrawn from your checking account.


How can I use my loan?
You can use your loan for just about anything from starting or expanding a small business, purchasing a car, consolidating debt, financing your education, paying for your wedding or for home improvement projects.

How does Prosper help women?
Prosper loans empower women and minorities to own their own businesses, get out of debt, finance a car, pay for school or childcare expenses at a much lower interest rate.
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