The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program provides grant money to women who are survivors of partner abuse and have been apart from their abusive partner for a minimum of one year. It’s aim is to foster independence and financial self-sufficiency through education. The primary intent is to help single mothers with children who have the greatest financial challenges and who seek to support their families.

Program Eligibility:

  • Must be survivor of partner abuse and separated from partner for a minimum of one year.
  • Must have sought services from a non-profit domestic violence agency for at least 6 months continuously. The agency must be willing to provide sponsorship and mentoring during the course of study.
  • Must be accepted or applying to an accredited program in the US.
  • Must be legal resident or citizen of the U S.
  • Demonstrates sincere financial need.
  • Show strong desire to update skills, return to workforce, or pursue new career through education.
    The scholarship application should be submitted as early as possible but must be submitted at least 2 months prior to the start date of the study program.

    Scholarship Awards

    Direct Educational Expenses such as tuition, books, and fees paid directly to the educational institution.

    Charitable Adjunct Assistance Awards: Next Priority

    Awards that assist with childcare, transportation costs and will be paid directly the sponsoring agency on behalf of the client.

    For more information and to download an application

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