CAPlines Loan

Author: Small Business Editors

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It is designed to help small businesses attain their short-term and cyclical working-capital needs.
The CAPlines Program is an umbrella program offered by the SBA or Small Business Administration. Under the CAPlines umbrella there are five short-term working-capital loan programs.

1. Seasonal Line

  • This line provides advances in high-peak business seasons.
  • This line helps with inventory and accounts receivable needs.
  • This line provides revolving and non-revolving options to the borrower.
    The maximum loan amount for the Export Express is $250,000. For loans of up to $75,000, 85 percent is guaranteed. For loans over $150,000, 75 percent is guaranteed.
    2. Contract Line

  • This line offers financing for labor and material costs which are related to performing assignable contracts.
  • This line offers revolving and non-revolving options to the borrower.


    3. Builders Line

  • This line offers financing for direct labor and material costs to small general contractors for commercial construction or renovation.
  • This line offers revolving and non-revolving options to the borrower.
    4. Standard Asset-Based Line

  • This line is for businesses who do not meet the credit standards related with long-term credit.
  • This line is based on the amount of assets of the borrower.
  • There may be additional fees with this line because of the stricter monitoring requirements.
  • Businesses can draw from this line of credit according to the amount of assets they have.
  • The borrower repays the lender according to the cash cycle.
    5. Small Asset-Based Line

  • This line offers a revolving line of credit of up to $200,000 that is asset-based.
  • This line has less monitoring requirements than the Standard Asset-Based Line.
  • Maturity for each of the five lines of credit is 5 years, but shorter maturity can be established on a case-by-case basis. Almost all small businesses are eligible.
    Please note that this is not a typical business grant but rather a small business loan. The SBA (Small Business Administration) can offer reduced interest rate loan programs for small businesses.
    For more detailed information about the CAPlines Programs.
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