Who Can Receive Small Business Grants?
Small Business Grants are generally given to non-profit and community organizations for the purpose of expansion and improvement. This allows these organizations to continue to provide small businesses with management, technical or financial assistance.

The Small Business Administration’s Role
The SBA does not provide grants for small businesses although they do offer many low interest loan programs. Grants that are offered by the SBA are generally provided through non-profit organizations helping small businesses, intermediary lending institutions or state and local organizations.

Who Provides Grants for Small Business?
Here is the complete list of Federal Agencies providing Grants for Small Businesses.

Example of Where a Small Business Can Get Grants.
If you (or if you want to) provide services for public projects in California such as road construction you should look at the Federal Highway Administration’s open projects and California Department of Transportation’s contracts.
Most Federal and State Agencies reserve a block of their contracts for small business. In such cases the small business doesn’t have to compete against large corporations for these contracts.
Overall, almost every Federal and State Agency provides grants to small business. You need to find the agencies offering these contracts and submit your proposal.