Work and Study (Part-Time)

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The advantage of this program is that the hours are flexible in order to give you time to go to school.

A second major advantage is that the money you earned during the year with this program will not be calculated in the next year’s financial aid (this helps you receive more financial aid the next year).

In order to be considered for this program you need to check the right check box on your FAFSA form. Remember that this program is on a first come first served basis and because funding is limited you need to complete your FAFSA form as soon as possible to be considered.

Generally, you will be working for your school, a public agency or a community service, where the pay is at least the Federal minimum wage (you are required to be paid at least once a month). You also need to be paid per hour. The job must be relevant to your course of study and the employer should consider your classes in making your schedule.

If you want to work and study at the same time but you cannot enter this program check with your school financial aid office for the possibility of working at your school. They may have their own work-study program.

More details about the Federal Work-Study program.