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Welcome to MyFinancialPrograms’ (MFP) Guest Posting Blog. We are eager to send lots of traffic to writers and especially up-and-coming bloggers. MFP is a high ranking site on search engines generating over seventy thousands visitors every month.

We are looking for fresh and interesting ideas related to our site’s main topics: College Financial aidHousing Small BusinessMinorities & Women covering programs, tips, how-to and guides. Our focus is keeping our readers abreast of financial information whether it is to start/growth a new business, paying for housing, college, and related topics specific to women and minorities. In a nutshell everything relating to personal finance.

What are the benefits to you?

  • You will get exposure beyond your normal readership.
  • You will earn at least one followed link back to your site (helps SEO and traffic).
  • Will help in building your personal or company brand.
  • You will create new relationships and/or subscribers.
  • Will help open new doors for guest posting.

How it works:

  • Submit your blog post about College/Financial aid – Housing – Small Business or Minorities/Women to
  • Topics should address entrepreneurs and small business owners, or be related to personal finance targeting for example: parents and student looking to pay for college, homeowners looking sale or purchase a home, along with college, business, housing, women and minorities personal finance related topics.
  • Once approved we will send you a login and password in order to access your Guest Post account.
  • Your blog post should be unique and not have been previously posted anywhere.
  • Your blog post should be no less than 500-700 words in length. Keep in mind that quality and completeness of your content is more important than its length.
  • Your blog post can be sent in several formats: Word documents, text files, wpost, Google Docs & PDF.
  • If your blog post contains any images please send them in a separate attachments. We will host all images on our server, and will not link to images that are hosted elsewhere.
  • Once your post is received it can take between 5 to 7 days to publish. You, the author, will be notified when it has been published or if we have any questions or need more information.
  • MFP staff will review the submitted blog post for quality assurance pending publication. Editing will be done if need be.
  • Once you are published, you will begin to receive comments and questions. We encourage you interact with the community and readers as it benefits everyone. All comments and emails regarding your post will be sent to the address listed on your account.
  • If your blog post has long-term value it will be moved to the content area of its related topic.

Things to keep in mind:

  • New subjects are always preferred, but fresh perspectives on common topics are also welcome as long as it adds value and/or covers the topic thoroughly.
  • Ask yourself if is it relevant and interesting to MFP’s readers looking for ways to reach a their financial goals or avoid costly mistakes along the way.
  • Is the information provided accurate and supported by graphics, illustrations, photos or screenshots to make the post more comprehensive and enjoyable to the reader.
  • Have you proof read your blog post for spelling and grammar prior to submitting.
  • We recommend you add 2 or 3 lines of biographical information about you or your company at the beginning or end of your content. Ideally your link to your own site should be in the form of your brand in your biographical text.

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